Austral Asia Line

Austral Asia Line Pte Ltd.


Austral Asia Line (AAL) is a leading ocean transport operator in the Asia-Pacific region that caters for the specific needs of the breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo industry. It was established in 1995 and is wholly owned by Schoeller Holdings Group of Cyprus.

With its head office based in Singapore the team is supported by regional offices in Brisbane, Shanghai and extensive network of agencies and representative offices in North Asia, South-East Asia, Seattle, Houston and Hamburg.  Such coverage gives the flexibility and competence to swiftly respond to the customer demands and market trends.



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Austral Asia Line currently operates a network of liner and tramp services in the Asia and Oceania region and in wider geographies such as Europe and the Americas. Its regular liner services include;

  • North Asia – East Coast Australia and New Zealand Service
  • North and South East Asia – West Coast Australia Service
  • North Asia - Canada and United States West Coast

Regional services between North Asia, South East Asia and New Zealand complete this framework.

A dedicated tramp and chartering desk was established in May 2011 to complement the above liner services with specific tailor-made tramp sailings in order to provide a seamless service offering within and beyond the core Asia Pacific region. The team utilizes owned vessels as well as explores options of chartering suitable external tonnage.




Modern Multipurpose Fleet

Austral Asia Line has taken delivery of its modern fleet of multipurpose heavy-lift vessels which are geared with cranes offering lifting capacity up to 700 metric tonnes. The fleet of A-class vessels with 31,000 deadweight tonnes and S-class vessels with 19,000 deadweight tonnes are ideal for transporting a diverse range of cargo including heavy-lift and project cargoes, traditional breakbulk, earth moving equipments, wind turbine components and floating cargo such as boats and yachts. These vessels are also classified to carry dry parcels such as grain, mineral concentrates and other loose commodities.

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A dedicated team of project shipping and transport engineers combined with state-of-the-art stowage planning software offer best in class consulting, planning and execution for transport of project, heavy-lift and over-dimensional cargo.

The regularity of liner service, flexibility of tramp sailings, 1st class transport engineering, a modern multipurpose fleet and a professional team of experts make Austral Asia Line “the better choice”.