Tsakos Columbia

Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement ("TCM") S.A.


At the beginning of 2010 Schoeller Holdings announced that it would be expanding its ship management activities by creating a joint venture with one of the biggest and most reputable ship owing and ship management companies worldwide.

The Tsakos Group, based in Athens, Greece, was established in 1970 and currently manages a diverse fleet of approximately 63 vessels.  The new venture is a result of the close working relationship between Tsakos and CSM, which started more than 10 years ago.

The purpose of the new venture with the acronym TCM is not just the management of Tsakos Group controlled vessels but the extension of its services to include third-party owners.  The company's Top Management is comprised by a Managing Director and two Deputy Managing Directors all of them appointed by the joint venture members.  TCM follows the philosophies of its founding partners and is committed to services and operations that respect industry principles and its clients at highest quality levels.

Website: www.tcsm.gr